Accounting Package


Account is a financial record of an organization that register of all financial transaction and must be kept at its place of business. The Purpose of these records is to enable anyone to appraise the organizations current financial position with reasonable accuracy.

Basic Excel Course Creating Formulas SUM IF, COUNT IF, COUNTA, IF, AND , OR What if Analysis: Goal Seek, Data Table, Scenario Manager Advance Filter Conditional Formating Date & Text Function Group, Subtotal Charts Pivot Table Cell Reference Number Formatting Data Validation Consolidiate Header/Footer, Page Numbering in Sheet Freeze Pans & Macros Protect Cell & Sheet Page Setup Vlookup & Hlookup Project Work: Sales & Purchase Sheet, Salary Sheet, Selection Sheet, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Marks Sheet, Interest Calculation, Attendance Sheet, Template Design & Others…

Account Information: Accounting Concept Company Information: Database/ Company Creation, Alter, Delete Backup & Restore Split Company Data Tallyvault Password Group: Create, Alter, Delete Ledger: Create, Alter, Delete Multi Currency Cost Category & Cost Center Date & Period Voucher Types and Entry Receipt, Payment, Contra Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet Trial Balance, Ratio Analaysis Display Reports and Daybook Inventory Information: Unit of Measure: Create, Alter, Delete Stock Group/Stock Category: Create, Alter, Delete Godown: Create, Alter, Delete Inventory Voucher Entry Purchase, Sales, Debit Note, Credit Note, Stock Journal Purchase Order, Sales Order Delivery, Receipt Note Rejection Inward/Outward Stock Summary F11 and F12 Features Manufacturing Journal Interest Calculation Invoice with Separate Discount Column Discount and Vat Multiple Price Level Different Actual & Billed Quantity Billwise Details Voucher Report Export in Microsoft Excel Report Printing Office Oriented Project Work

Accounting Concept Database/company creation, Edit, Delete Account Group/Subgroup Create, Edit, Delete Ledger Master/Ledger Mapping/Ledger Lock create, Edit, Delete Godown/Agent/Area Create, Edit, Delete Product Item/ Unit/ Group, Product Rate Creation Customer & Vendor Creation Voucher types & Entry Cash /Bank Voucher Journal Voucher Purchase Invoice / Sales Invoice Debit Note / Credit Note PDC Cheque Deposit Currency Discount & Vat Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet Trial Balance Display Report , Export to Excel & Printing Report System Control, Backup & Restore Office Oriented Project Work.


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