Advance Hardware & Networking


This course will mainly focus on developing knowledge and skills of a person in computer hardware and network. A computer system has various integrated parts commonly known as hardware. All the integrated parts work together for proper functioning of a computer system. If a computer does not work, it may be due to problem in anyone of the components. After you click the ON button in a computer, sometimes a computer may not work either of a cable failure, lose connection of cables, socket problem, RAM problem, hard disk failure, etc. We should be able to detect and resolve the issues.

Networking means the physical connection of cables among the computer system and other computing devices in LAN or WAN. The networking course will develop knowledge and skills to configure internet and intranet in home or organization. Along with configuration, it will also provide knowledge of resolving all kinds of issues related to network failure and connections.

1. Computer Hardware Overview, Block Diagram Details, Parts of Computer.
2. Motherboard: Types, Block Diagram, Identification of Ports, Chip, Slots, Connector, Section etc, Company, Price, Marketing Tips.
3. CPU: CPU Socket details, Types of CPU, Identification, Basic Terminology of CPU.
4. RAM: Types of RAM, Identification of RAM, RAM Operating Voltage,
5. SMPS: Concept of Current, SMPS pin details, SMPS Voltage, Testing of SMPS, How to use Multimeter, Testing of Power Cable.
6. Hard disk: Hard disk Types, Identification of Hard disk, Jumper Setting, Warranty, Measuring concept etc.
7. CD/DVD Drive: Assembling/Dissembling of CD/DVD Drive, Types of CD/DVD Drive, Repairing of CD/DVD Drive, Jumper Settings Etc.
8. UPS: Types, How UPS work, Measurement, Testing of UPS, Battery Concept.
9. Keyboard and Mouse: Types, Identification, Repairing of Keyboard and Mouse.
10. Monitor
11. Printer
12. Assembling and Dissembling of Computer, Marketing Tips, Testing of all Parts of Computer.

1. Partition Concept, Types of Partition, Format Concept, Types of Format.
2. Disk Manager (DM)
3. Shrink Volume
4. Windows XP Installation
5. Win -7 Installation
6. Win- 8.1 Installation
7. Win- 10 Installation
8. How to install any Operating system without Data lost.
9. Operate Live CD
10. USB Bootable Process
11. Win–7,8.1, 10 Installation by 12. Pen Drive.
13. CMOS/BIOS Setup.
14. BIOS Password Breaker
15. Multi PC

1. Windows Overview.
2. Shortcut Keys
3. Shortcut Command
4. Control Panel.
5. System Properties
6. Computer Management.
7. Windows Password Breaker.
8. How to Genuine Windows.
9. Driver Installation.(Chip Set, VGA, LAN, WiFi, Sound, USB 3.0, Touch Pad etc)
10. Driver Pack Installation.

11. Installation of All types of Software.
12. Software Extension Details.
13. Partition Magic.
14. Data Recovery.
15. Power ISO.
16. Ghost.
17. Antivirus Installation
18. How to Block Hard disk bad sector by hard disk Re-generator and wipe.
19. CD/DVD Burning.
20. Printer Installation

1. Networking Concept, Cabling and Crimping.
2. Workgroup/IP Networking, Driver and Device Sharing.
3. File and Printer Sharing
4. Team Viewer.
5. Wireless Networking, Peer to peer networking.
6. Network Troubleshooting.
7. Software and Driver Downloading.
8. Diagnostic Card Error Coding. .
9. General Troubleshooting of Computer.
10. No Display, System Dead, Restarting and Hanging Problem.
11. Router configuaration.

1. Assembling and Dissembling of Laptop.
2. Identification of all parts of Laptop.
3. Identification and Function of all Ports and Socket of Laptop.
4. Laptop Servicing


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