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Kantipur Technical Institute main target is to provide best service in IT sector and give our customers and students satisfaction for their further enrollment in Kantipur Technical Institute. We have the best resources, tools and technology to provide you best solution in any hardware related problems in your device. And we also sell best and quality product in good price.

1. Basic Electronics Concept, Formation of Current, AC/DC Concept, Rules for Flow of Current, Circuit, Frequency .

2. Resistor- Symbol, Function, Denoting Letter, Solid Type Resistor Color Coding, SMD Type Resistor Coding, Value measurement by Multimeter.

3. Capacitor – Function, Types, Symbol, Identification of Solid Type and SMD Type Capacitor, Testing of Capacitor by Multimeter.
4. Coil – Function, Symbol, Denoting Letter, Types of material, Properties of Coil, Identification of Solid and SMD type coil, Pack coil, Testing of Coil.

5. Diode: Function, Symbol, Denoting letter, Identification of Solid and SMD Type Diode, Types of Diode, Testing of Diode, Anode and Cathode Concept.

6. Transistor: Introduction, Types, Symbol, Denoting Letter, PNP and NPN Concept, Testing of Transistor, Function etc.

7. Mosfet: Introduction, Types, 3 leg Mosfet, 8 Leg Mosfet, Identification of N-Channel and P-Channel Mosfet, Testing of Mosfet.

8. Crystal: Introduction, Measuring unit, Types and Real Shape, Testing of Crystal etc.

9. Transformer and IC.
10. Fuse and Jumber.
11. Use of Multimeter

Use of Soldering Iron, Micro Soldering Iron, Desoldering Pump, Twiser, SMD Machine and Hot Melt Gun, All types of IC and Chip soldering/ Desoldering, All types of Electronic Component Solid and SMD soldering /Desoldering.

1) History of Mobile Phone.
2) GSM & CDMA Technology and Bands
3) SIM & SIM Connectors Pin details
4) About IMEI, Security, PIN 1 & PIN 2, PUK 1 & PUK 2
5) Battery: Working Voltage, Ampeare, Pin Details, BSI Principal, Problem Cause of Battery.
6) Charger: O/P Voltage, Types, Problem Cause of Charger
7) Trigger (DC Supply): Using Process, Battery Boost, Find out Hardware & Software Problem.
8) Speaker, MIC,Buzzer, Vibrator, LCD, Antina, Switch
9) Block Diagram of Mobile Motherboard.
10) IC (CPU, ROM/RAM, Anteena Switch, PFO, RF Processor IC, VCO, Power IC, Audio IC, Charging IC, UI IC, Reference Crystal, RTC Crystal) Working Principal, Identifying, Problem Casuse & Solution.
11) Factory Reset Codes & Process in all types of Mobile.
12) Details of Various Components Used in Mobile Phones.
13) Use of Tools & Instruments Used in Mobile Phone Repairing.
14) Assembling & Disassembling of Different Types of Mobile Phones.(Samsung, Colors, LAVA, IPHONE, Nokia & others)
15) Mobile Motherboard all section Circuit tracing
16) Schematic Reading
17) Jumpuring technique and Solution.
18) Replacing Charging Socket, Sim Connector, Memory Connector, Battery Connector, Audio Jack etc.
19) Replacing touch & Display.

1. Massage Incoming ok, No outgoing.
2. While Camara on Mobile become hang, Camara Faild errors, Preview errors.
3. Ear Speaker, Vibrator, MIC, Buzzer is not working.
4. Display Invalid SIM & Contact Service.
5. No Charging, Not Charging, Charge will not store in android mobile.
6. One or more keypad is not working.
7. Insert SIM Problem.
8. White Display with communication and without communication.
9. No light problem
10. Memory card is not accepting.
11. Auto power off during call.
12. Handling Set Dead/Leakage/short and No display
13. Network Problem.

1. know about different tool and Software box
2.How to download Box & tool setup file.
3. Install Box and Toll
3. How to load drivers. to use different types of flashing box.(Z3x Pro, Miracle, Octopus, Volcano, UFS, ATF etc)
5. How to download firmware.
6. Flashing & Unlock different types of mobile.(Samsung, Intex, Huwai, Colors, Karbon, Java, Micromax, Gionee, Panasonic,Sony, Iphone etc)
7. IMEI repair, rooting mobile, unlocking mobile.
8. FRP Unlock
9. Troubleshooting of mobile Software Problem.
10.Ihone Flashing, unlocking,apple store id, itune file transfer(songs, video photos)


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