Basic Computer Course


It is very hard to imagine a life without computer technology. Computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives and are vital in performing daily tasks and operations accurately. Computers are used by individuals for studies, research and in various occupations. In the present world where everything is stored digitally and people want jobs done faster, computer technology is a crucial factor in achieving personal or organizational goal.

The basic computer training course at Kantipur Technical Institute  is designed to teach the operations and functionality of computer system and use it complete tasks accurately and quickly which otherwise would require much time and effort.
The students after the completion of the training course will be able operate computer system to perform tasks much easily and accurately. Our goal is to lay a concrete foundation and clear understanding of computer operations and operating system. The students will learn to install and use the different software that will facilitate the users to perform particular tasks. The instructors at Kantipur Technical Institute  are qualified professionals with year of experience in operating computer systems and the course content is very well prepared to cover the present computer standard.
This training course can be attended by anyone with little to no knowledge about computers and how to use them. There are no prerequisites required for joining this training course. This training will not generate any employment prospects but will help the students in getting jobs and also excel in the work place. The training will prepare the students to work as a professional in a work environment. The student will learn to use internet facilities and trouble shoot errors.


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