MacBook Repairing Training

MACBOOK, MAC AIR Chip Level Repair Course

Full Practical demonstration shown by using multimeter and oscilloscope. Tough Schematic diagram explain with simple way using open board view.

Chip Level APPLE Laptop Repair Course Syllabus

  1. Understanding Schematics Diagrams
  2. Therderbolt and display port
  3. Solving keyboard and touch pad related issue
  4. Solving Junk Display Issue
  5.  Solving differnt problems like Audio, SATA, USB, Network, WIFI
  6. SMSC chip Function
  7. Removing Bios Password
  8.  Power Sequence macbook pro and air(2)
  9. Motherboard reparing using Oscilloscope
  10. Mac Screen and Glass removal
  11. MAC OS downloading and Installation
  12. LPC & Debug connector
  13. IMAC SMPS working principle and repairing
  14. How to solve water damage motherboard
  15. How to solve short circuit problems
  16. How to Repair No Display Motherboard
  17. How to Repair Dead Motherboard
  18. Function of PCH, CPU, Clock section, BIOS chips
  19. Board View Understanding and using
  20. BIOS downloading and flashing
  21. BGA rework and reballing
  22. Battery charging section function and diagnosing



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