PHP/MySql Training



PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.

SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases.

Our SQL tutorial will teach you how to use SQL in: MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Postgres, and other database systems.


• Introduction to Web Technology
• Understanding HTML Markup
• Introduction to HTML5
• Exploring Domains, Web Hosting, Web Protocols like HTTP, FTP
• Introduction to CSS
• Introduction and difference between Server Side and Client Side Scripting Language
• Basic understanding to Server Side Scripting Language like ASP and JSP

o USE Case Diagram
o EER Model
o Schema Diagram

• Introduction to PHP
• Why PHP is called Server Side Scripting Language
• Setting up AMP stack with Apache, MYSQL and PHP
• Setting up web server either with wamp, xampp or mamp
• Learning Basics of server configuration with php.ini and httpd.conf
• Why to use PHP?
• Scenario of web development with comparison with PHP and other server side scripting language

• Introduction to Variables
• Understanding and working with Data Types
• Categorization of Data Types
• Introduction to Operators
• Types Of Operators with suitable examples
• Types of Errors

• Why to Use Conditional statements with suitable examples
• Types of Conditional Statements
• Simple if, Nested if with suitable examples
• Switch statement
• Understanding go to and break statement
• Looping statement —Why to use?
• For, while and do while statement with suitable examples
• Programming practice illustrating looping and conditional statements

• Use of function
• Types of functions
• Auto loading functions
• Function with parameters
• Function without parameters

• Understanding string and patterns
• Comparing strings
• Extracting substrings
• Determining the length of strings
• Case Sensitive string comparison

• Why to use Array?
• Understanding Arrays in Depth
• Array and Memory allocation
• Types of Array with examples
• Numeric key Array
• Associative key Array
• Single Dimensional and Multi Dimensional Array
• Mixed Arrays
• Importance of Array in developing real world applications

• Understanding Session and Cookies
• Setting Cookies
• Reading Cookies
• Expiration of Cookies
• Creating session
• Assigning data to Session Variables
• Reading From Session Variables
• Destroying Session and Session Data

• PUT Method
• GET Method
• POST Method
• DELETE Method
• Form Handling with these Methods
• Creating a form with different form inputs
• Creating form mark up with HTML5 attributes

• Introduction to Database and tables, database objects
• Database Management System
• Relational Database management System Vs Database Management System
• Introduction to MySQL
• Entity and Attributes
• Features of MySQL
• Data Types in MySQL
• Introduction to Query

• Opening and Running MYSQL with Command Prompt
• Creating and managing database
• Selecting Database
• Creating Tables
• Primary Key, Foreign Key Relationship and Mapping
• Auto Increment and Indexing a columns in tables
• Inserting Data into tables in different ways via query
• Updating Data and Table Structure
• Selecting from table in different ways
• Deleting tables and drop database
• Alter Table structure
• Types of JOINS in MYSQL with examples
• VIEWS , Stored Procedures, MySQL built-in functions , User defined functions in MySQL
• How to use phpMyAdmin/ MySQL Workbench to handle database

• Introduction to OOP
• Example of different OOP languages
• Features of OOP
• Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction etc.
• Creating and Defining Class in PHP
• Instantiating a class
• Inheritance with examples
• Introduction to Interface and functions
• Constructors and Destructors
• Preventing a Class from Inheritance( final keyword)
• Access Modifiers (Public, Private and Protected illustrations ) in OOP: PHP
• Abstract Class
• Magic Functions

• Parsing XML
• Fetching and handling RSS Feeds
• Using XML as a String

• Introduction to Web Security
• SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting
• How to prevent from attacks
• Implementing Security in PHP
• Security concerns in MySQL
• Security concerns in the Web Authoring Tool

• Sending Emails with PHP
• Introduction to SMTP
• File Handling Reading and Writing into files and different modes
• Introduction to FTP
• How to use FileZilla, CPanel with examples

• Introduction to JavaScript
• Data types, operators, conditions
• Events, function
• Array and Objects
• Jquery Syntax, Events
• Juery functions

• Understanding the Agile Methodology / xTreme Programming
(Extreme Programming / Waterfall Model / Prototype Model) Defining and Choosing project Topics
• Creating an project Architecture
• Creating an designing database
• Introduction to ER Diagram and Use Case Diagram
• What is Prototyping?
• Developing an WireFrame with tools (such as Blasamique wireframe)
• Templating the HTML markup / CSS
• Converting the project to machine level language with complete OOP

• Database Insert/Update/Delete Using PHP classes
• User login and authentication
• Including search and pagination in project.
• Ajax Implementation
• Using third party jquery,javascript and PHP Libraries
(ckeditor, jquery-ui, scrolling, captcha, phpthumb etc)
• Completing the project and error debugging / and maintenance


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